Products & Services

Products & Services

We think it is extremely important to understand your business.

This is facilitated by our great knowledge and experience of different industries especially within transport infrastructure, transports, forestry and energy/automotive industry and is realized through close collaboration with our customers in actual assignments. Commitment and communication are of great importance, as they are enablers for a good collaboration.

Our offer to you and your operation:


  • Consultants - excellence in software engineering, integration, management and business development.
  • Projects - limited time assignments conducting an investigation or developing an IT-system.
  • Maintenance - maintenance of your IT-systems where we take an overall responsibility for the application management process according to agreed service levels.


  • Products - our own as well as third party products such KLAR, TNE, TRE, TRACS and geographic data.
  • Cloud services - services according to principles as Software As a Service and Attached Services such as the distance calculator service, and TRACS Rundvirke.


  • Application operations - concerning several kinds of information systems, from standard applications to complex and business critical systems.
  • Server operations of the servers that is needed in connection to the IT-system and products we supplies to your organisation.

Great emphasis is put on quality assurance, standards and best practice. We know from experience that this is a path to increased efficiency and we participate in projects with for example SIS Stanli, Papinet, TISA, ISO TC211 and Inspire. In our projects and application management offers we use, among others XLMP, pm3 and ITIL which simplifies cooperation with your business and enables a faster route to high quality results.