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The official financial reports are published in Swedish and can be found on our Swedish website at finansiella rapporter.

You can find a consolidated income, balance sheet and cash flow statement for the most recent period under the "Read more" section.

Comments to the fourth quarter 2020:

The development in the fourth quarter was weaker than expected and the corresponding quarter last year. Demand for services and order intake was lower than normal and the positive change we noted during the third quarter, in the form of increased interest in the market, slowed down during the fourth quarter in connection with the introduction of new restrictions around Covid.

Own sales are SEK 5.5 million lower than in the corresponding quarter, despite product revenues increasing by SEK 2.9 million. The decrease is partly due to continuing investments of time in own products, but also due to lower demand and an exchange rate effect as the NOK exchange rate fell by 8%. This has a currency effect on own revenues of SEK -1.2 million.

Operating profit for the quarter came in at SEK -1.0 (3.0) million, which is significantly lower than the previous year. The investment of time in our products is driven by new customer collaborations and will generate profitability in the long run. In the fourth quarter, these investments had a negative effect on our profitability of approximately SEK 2.5 (1.0) million.

Compared with the corresponding period last year, the number of employees has increased by nine employees and amounts to 162 (153) employees at the end of the quarter. The increase has not resulted in a corresponding increase in the Group's personnel costs of SEK 36.6 (36.3) million, as the increase is mainly in Norway and is taken out of the currency effect (SEK +0.9 million). Other external costs are at a lower level than the previous year 4.0 (SEK 4.8 million), which is mainly an effect of Covid.