About Us

Management system for quality

Triona’s management system “the Triona way” will lead to results that meet our customer’s needs and contributes to an efficient and professional way of working.

We work with focus on people and aim for a high degree of human interaction, learning, cooperation and adaptation to changes. This means on, a day to day, basis that we are using and continuously developing:

  • The strategy that describes our goals, our prioritized customer segments and our offers.
  • Our key values and governing documents.
  • Our process descriptions.
  • Our supporting method’s and tools.
  • Our policies.

Our ambition is that our management system shall give the same results in our businesses as a second or third party quality certified management system would do.

Our management system is published on our internal web and is available for all employees. Our quality manual is written in a manner to fulfil ISO 9001:2008 will be communicated to customers and other interested parties at request.