Smartflow enables digital twin

Infrastructure information for railways and roads is important for many parties. This could be for example information related to operations and maintenance, planning data for reconstruction work, map production, navigation, and traffic control. The information always needs to be up-to-date, accurate and complete if it is to be useful. Today the term “Digital Twin” is often used to describe the information in registers where the data is stored.

Triona leads the way for Oslo Municipality

In summer 2021 Triona started a project together with Oslo municipality when the municipality wanted better support for planning, prioritization, and budgeting of road and street maintenance.

SMART vehicle checks

The Norwegian Public Roads Administration’s (Statens Vegvesen) control station in Åsane, Norway, has started to use a smart and scalable IT system which will select vehicles for checks without operator intervention. The system was developed by Triona in cooperation with Euroskilt. 

Sinus to the new counties

A large regional reform in Norway was completed by 1st January 2020. The reform created demands for new ways to maintain roads. The number of regions decreased from 19 to 11, at the same time the responsibility for maintaining the regions’ road network was moved from the Norwegian Public Roads Administration (Statens Vegvesen) to the regions. Before the restructuring, the regions owned the roads but Statens Vegvesen was responsible for maintaining them. After the restructuring, each region had to set up their own road maintenance organization.

Digitalization of work processes for Nye Veier

Ny Veier plan, construct, operate, and maintain roadworthy motorways in Norway. During the coming 20 years they plan to build roads for nearly 150 billion NOK. Their vision is to be a completely innovative digital force in the sector. In line with this Triona and Trimble have developed an AIM solution and have started work on an asset database for the road project in Trøndelag

Triona is an important partner for Mesta’s digitalization work

Mesta AS is Norway’s largest contractor within highway construction, operations and maintenance and is responsible for a significant part of operations and maintenance on the Norwegian road network. For Mesta’s customers it’s important to ensure that data is reported correctly and there is no risk of data loss. Triona has helped Mesta to develop several parts of their daily work routines in order to increase efficiency and delivery reliability.

Euroskilt develops tomorrow’s signal management solutions together with Triona

Euroskilt is the market-leading supplier of traffic safety equipment in Norway and a major player in digital traffic signs. The Norwegian Public Roads Administration is their largest customer. Triona, together with Euroskilt, have developed a system which enables all signs to be remotely controlled in a uniform way regardless of type and size. Additionally, the signs can be controlled manually via a panel which is built in to a compartment connected to the sign.

The Coast is Clear for the Norwegian Coastal Administration

The Norwegian Coastal Administration (NCA) – Kystverket administers all coastal shipping in Norway. With Triona’s help they now have a system in place which collects all important data related to waterways, as well as a smart map function which is integrated in their existing web application.

More Effective Data Handling for Bane NOR

Time savings, increased reliability and the correct data to the right stakeholder, every time. This will soon be a reality for Bane NOR. The solution to their current challenges is a system developed by Triona for handling traffic-related route information for the rail network.

Vegviseren and Vegfoto simplify the work on Norway’s roads

Vegviseren (roughly translated to route finder) and Vegfoto (roughly translated to road photo) are mobile applications developed by Triona. The systems give both the Norwegian Public Roads Administration and contractors a common platform for localizing activities and objects on the roads.

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