Euroskilt develops tomorrow’s signal management solutions together with Triona

Euroskilt is the market-leading supplier of traffic safety equipment in Norway and a major player in digital traffic signs. The Norwegian Public Roads Administration is their largest customer. Triona, together with Euroskilt, have developed a system which enables all signs to be remotely controlled in a uniform way regardless of type and size. Additionally, the signs can be controlled manually via a panel which is built in to a compartment connected to the sign.

Common platform

Euroskilt’s requirement was for a platform which could easily control their various digital signs. Because the signs come from different suppliers, with differing underlying technologies and software, a versatile system was needed which could communicate with different types of signs using a standardized protocol. Triona had previously developed a so-called Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) station. The ITS solution is used for digital traffic sign management and is based upon knowledge acquired through earlier research projects. This is now being further developed to meet Euroskilt’s requirements. The result is a system which allows different types of signs to be controlled with the same interface via an app or a web interface which both makes the management simpler and more cost effective as there is no longer a need to customize the controls for each new type of sign.


Proactive maintenance

The solution uses external sensors to continuously monitor the state for the connected signs. The collected data is analyzed, compiled, and displayed in a maintenance application. This makes it possible to work proactively with maintenance and thus avoid issues which arise when serious faults occur. Additionally, it streamlines the maintenance work considerably.

A smart cloud solution

The central components of the solution are located in the cloud which enables other systems to also be connected. For instance, different types of sensors can provide real-time information. This can be information about temperature, humidity etc.


All information is shown in a web application where the equipment’s position and status are displayed on a map. This applies to each individual sensor.

First test of the new system

The first test of Triona’s control system consists of two large LED signs which display information for motorists on the E18/E39 in towards Kristiansand. The signs which are situated on Björndalseta and Vesterveien are both 34 square meters and thus Euroskilt’s largest signs in Norway. The signs display updated driving times to various destinations. The Norwegian Public Roads Administration “VegTrafikkSentral” makes changes directly to the signs but it’s not possible for third parties to change or upload images to the signs.

More than just a sign

Currently there is also an implementation of the new display system in the Borealis pilot project at the Norwegian Public Roads Administration. The delivery is part of a research and development project which is being carried out on a 40 km long stretch of road along the E8 in Skibotndalen.

In Bergen the system is being used in controls to pull over cars which for instance have unpaid road tolls or other known faults. By linking the system with the Norwegian Public Roads Administration’s number place recognition system, the display system can selectively choose the vehicles which need to go to the toll or control stations. It’s also possible to weigh vehicles in motion and then the display system can pull over the overweight vehicles.

“The collaboration with Triona will lead to Euroskilt launching new products and solutions which will be strategically important for the company during the coming years..“ Håkon Sahlsten, product and development manager Euroskilt

Euroskilt are developing a new generation of electronic signs which contain computers, so called ITS devices with computer software. This makes it possible, for instance, to remotely control road signs from traffic management centers. Symbols can be changed via an app or the web. Information can be given to road users about events happening on the roads. The signs also contain sensors which can register temperature and humidity. This makes it easier to monitor the sign’s status in real-time and work proactively with maintenance which in turn leads to better service and longer durability for the signs.

“The control system and interfaces for the traffic management centers were developed through a well-functioning collaboration with Triona and now our two companies are working together to develop a common platform which will be used to control a wide range of products.“ Håkon Sahlsten, product and development manager Euroskilt


Customer: Euroskilt

Solution: A platform to control digital road traffic signs

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