More Effective Data Handling for Bane NOR

Time savings, increased reliability and the correct data to the right stakeholder, every time. This will soon be a reality for Bane NOR. The solution to their current challenges is a system developed by Triona for handling traffic-related route information for the rail network.

A big problem for many who work with infrastructure is that the data is disseminated from many computer systems. These systems don’t always exchange data with each other efficiently.

The solution that Triona has developed together with Trimble Solutions, is to collect all data in a common platform. It will be simpler for Bane NOR to fulfil all stakeholders’ needs in the Norwegian railway network by delivering the correct data to the right stakeholder in a simple, effective, and secure way. The overview of the data availability is better, which facilitates maintenance work and other data dependent activities. Not least it will be easier to find errors in the data or if any data is missing.

“Triona knows our business and the problems we have to deal with. They have a strong and broad competence and offer standard components as a part of the solution,” suggests Björn Kristiansen Traffic Superintendent at Bane NOR. “This means less uncertainty in the implementation because Triona knows how to approach the problems”.

Clearer Overview – Greater Precision

Triona’s system consolidates, processes, and distributes route-related information. From height and length of platforms and places for shunters, to speed restrictions, inclines, and rules. The data can then be distributed to different stakeholders who work with the respective information.

The technical platform which is used is Triona’s product Transport Network Engine (TNE™). TNE is the central data source. Novapoint which is delivered by Trimble solutions is used for import and maintenance of the railway network with associated infrastructure data. In addition, a web solution has been delivered which shows relevant data in a user friendly and modern User Interface.

“We are working long-term to strengthen our market position in the infrastructure and logistics sectors. This work has previously led to contracts in the shipping, road, and rail areas”, said Rune Dragsnes, CEO for Triona AS. “The contract with Bane NOR helps us to consolidate our position in the railway sector and strengthens our already good cooperation with Trimble solutions”.

The project was started at the end of 2016 with the final delivery planned for the beginning of 2018.