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For construction, operations, and maintenance of plant such as power and telecommunications installations, railways, and roads, there is a trend for contractors to take an increasing responsibility for plant during its life cycle.

This drives progress in the area and as a result the cooperation between client and contractor is increasingly important. Sharing data between different operators becomes a focus and BIM (Building Information Model) is an example which enables this.

For many years Triona has developed systems for customers working directly as contractors or consultants and today also offers products in this field. Several of these contractors and consultants work on different assignments within construction, operations, and plant maintenance. With Triona’s solutions companies can plan and manage their activities more effectively, even out in the field. Companies can also develop their activities through strategic and tactical planning as well as better monitoring.

Some of customers in this branch are ABT, BDX, Lemminkainen, Mesta, NCC, PEAB, Ramböll, Sweco, Trafikkdirigering and Veidekke. Even customers in the transport sector such as Alltransport and Maserfrakt, carry out extensive operations within this branch.

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