Products & Services

Products & Services

We can offer you and your business:


  • Consultants - excellence in system development, integration, management, and business development. Our consultants usually have good knowledge in our prioritized customer segments, and many have specialist competence within e.g. Asset Management, GIS, and Mobility.
  • Projects – fixed term assignments where we perform an analysis or develop an IT system based on agile models.
  • Application management – Development and Maintenance of your IT system where we take overall responsibility for the process and an agreed service level.
  • Data Capture - we create information from e.g., 360° photographs and laser scanning of infrastructure like streets and roads (also pedestrian and cycle paths).


  • Products – our own as well as third-party products, including C7, TNE, TRE and TRACS Flow.
  • Cloud services – services designed according to models such as Software As a Service e.g. the distance calculation service, C-Load, FleetControl and SINUS.


  • Application operations for different types of applications, from simple standard applications to complex and business critical systems.
  • Server operations for servers needed for the IT systems and products we deliver to your organization.

We also place great emphasis on quality assurance, standards, and best practice.

In general we put great importance on quality assurance, standardization and best practices. We know from experience that this is a path to increased efficiency and for that reason we follow initiatives from for example, BEAst, Inspire, ISO ITxPT, Papinet, SIS, Stanli, TISA. In our projects we use among other things DevOps, XLPM, pm3, and ITIL which simplify the interactions with your business and enables a faster route to high quality results.