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In parallel with putting the system into production the important phase of maintaining the system begins.

“Benefit arise from use” Ingrid Ottersten, author of the book Effect Management IT

We think it is very important to have a well-defined customer support as well as clear processes for handling incidents and new software releases. Managing new and changed requirements often arise in conjunction with system usage or changed processes. That’s why our system administration and maintenance offerings follow standards such as pm3 and ITIL ®.  Here is a selection of items we specify in our maintenance contracts:

  • Maintenance project and its goals (contract)
  • Maintenance object (What will be maintained?)
  • Maintenance organization (Who is responsible for what?)
  • Maintenance processes (How are we going to work?)

Does this sound bureaucratic and complicated? Well, some effort is required by both your organization and ours for the maintenance work to be successful. We are convinced though that structured work is more effective over time.

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