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FleetControl contains a number of services which help to keep vehicle fleets’ administrative costs down by continuously collecting data from vehicles and uploading it to the cloud. The data can then be displayed to drivers, processed by the business or used in different applications to increase their value/benefit and/or efficiency.

FleetControl consists of an on-board computer (IoT device) which besides delivering high precision GPS data and reading the vehicles CAN-data may also be connected to other data sources via their different hardware interfaces. There is also a client solution for the office which displays the required data, grouped in different core functions.

FleetControl can for instance display fuel consumption, odometer readings, help the driver to drive more smoothly and environmentally friendly, manage the breath alcohol ignition interlock device (BAIID), and remotely clear driver cards and tachographs for all vehicles in the fleet. By combining data from FleetControl with other products new functionality can be created. An example of this can be to allow Triona’s TRACS Flow to be fed the live fuel rate data enabling the fuel consumption connected to a specific customer assignment to be displayed.  With FleetControl we can often collect and make available your required vehicle data.

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