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TimberPro is a complete business system for the forest industry. The system supports the business from procurement/purchase of raw materials through delivery and invoicing. It also manages sales, production, stock, and delivery information.

PiiMega® TimberPro is developed by the Finnish software house PiiMega OY. Triona is Piimega’s partner in the Swedish and Norwegian markets and sells, supports locally, and customizes PiiMega® TimberPro.

PiiMega® TimberPro, PiiMega’s ERP system for sawmills, is a modern, modular system with functionality suited to both small and large sawmills. Functionally, it is probably the most advanced ERP system for sawmills on the market today. For example, it has powerful functions to forecast production yield and profitability as well as to optimize demand-based production. 

Triona offers PiiMega® TimberPro as a SaaS (Software as a service) solution which means that customers will pay a fixed monthly fee that includes support and further development of the product. For customers it means they will have full cost control of the system.

Triona has considerable experience in the sawmill industry and currently has many customers using its ERP system KLAR. The cooperation with PiiMega will allow them to offer a new generation of ERP system. With Triona’s vast experience and know-how in the forest industry and system development, they will also be able to assist PiiMega with the future development of the system. This will specifically be for requirements requested primarily by their Swedish customers.

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