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Transport Routing Engine

Transport Routing Engine (TRE) is an advanced software platform for route optimization and route calculation. TRE allows several types of distance, journey time, and route calculations to be made and can be configured for pedestrians, bicycles, motor vehicles, trucks and other heavy goods vehicles.

By dynamically taking account of vehicle properties (e.g. height, length, width, weight) TRE calculates the best route for your vehicle.

TRE currently calculates the best route* with data from the National Road databases in Sweden and Norway and OpenStreetMap (OSM). Because of TRE’s internal storage format most data sources are supported (a basic requirement for data used in route optimization) via a conversion routine. Feel free to contact us if you have your own data source which you want to use in route calculations.

TRE supports point-to-point calculations (with via points if required) as well as point-to-multipoint (to calculate a distance matrix).

Based on various parameters and the road conditions, TRE can calculate energy consumption for a route between two points. The calculation model will consider the length of the route, road curviness and gradient, vehicle speed, type of fuel, and total weight. The journey’s total CO2 emissions can be calculated from energy consumption and the emission coefficient.

Apart from returning geometry, TRE can also return driving directions for the calculated routes which can be shown as driver assistance or used in other ways which make it easier to find the calculated route.

TRE is used today, among other things, as an integrated part of the public portal for travel planning in several European countries, as well as by local authorities and government bodies working to improve traffic flow and reduce environmental impact. Furthermore, TRE is used by industrial actors with the aim of optimizing the flow of goods e.g. in the forest industry.

TRE is also the technical base for Triona’s distance calculation service

*) The best route is the shortest, fastest, most efficient route for your vehicle or simply the most optimal route for your vehicle based on the conditions/parameters with which you wish to calculate the route.

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