A very successful collaboration

Terranor A/S is one of Denmark’s leading companies in Road Operations and Maintenance of the state, municipal and private road network. With more than 250 employees and a strong network of subcontractors, they take care of operation and maintenance of almost 4000 km state roads and a large number of municipal road sections.

Reduced number of systems and suppliers

Mutares SE & CO KGaA (ultimate owner of the Terranor Group) bought NCC Road Services A/S, now operating under the name Terranor A/S, in Denmark May 31, 2020. This business faced the challenge of a full IT carve-out with the need to gain full independence within 12 months after the acquisition as they had a variety of different systems from many suppliers. They wanted to minimize the number of systems in use as well as suppliers, and a transition to a modern and secure environment.

Triona is a supplier with deep business knowledge of asphalt and road services from over 30 years of system development for infrastructure companies. When Triona presented their product C7 Projects, Terranor saw an opportunity to reduce the number of systems from more than 25 to 4. Terranor chose Triona's offer as being the best solution on the market.

”We went from more than 25 to 4 systems within seven months. We even managed to improve our data quality and data scope. This have significantly improved our productivity, control, and also reduced our IT administration cost.”Ivan Pedersen, CEO Terranor A/S

Streamline operations, get better data and improved control

C7 Projects is built to easily integrate project information with other systems in use. With C7 Projects and the integrations to Terranor’s ERP, HR and payroll systems, Terranor A/S has increased their efficiency and gained better control over tasks to be done, completed work and invoicing. They have also significantly reduced their IT maintenance costs. 

C7 Projects – full control

Terranor A/S uses C7 Projects to have full control over their projects, from calculations and the first tender to planning work orders, registration of work performed, management of changes and additions, invoicing, and follow-up. C7 Projects facilitates the staff with relevant information. It is used by workers in the field, calculation engineers, project managers, controllers and more. More than 250 Terranor A/S employees are already using C7 Projects.

”The good cooperation with Triona during the implementation has continued after we went live, in the form of help with minor adjustments and new minor requests from our production. The help and support from Triona have been very satisfactory and C7 Projects has fully lived up to our expectations.”Ivan Pedersen, CEO Terranor A/S

Implementation project

Triona provided the main project manager for the implementation of C7 Projects and the new ERP, HR, and Payroll systems. This was a request from Terranor A/S to ascertain a single point of contact with responsibility for the entire project. Triona coordinated the work with the other vendors and Terranor A/S.

The implementation project was extensive and ran during seven months. Apart from the new systems, a new server environment was set up and data was migrated to secure a seamless transition. It went extremely well, and all systems involved; C7 Projects, ERP, HR, and Payroll went live at new servers according to timetable and within budget. This was possible due to good planning, excellent cooperation, skilled staff at the vendors and Terranor A/S, and an engaged steering group.

”The collaboration with Triona to implement C7 was excellent – the project was tailored to our needs and pragmatic solutions were found when needed. The communication and collaboration were clear, transparent, and professional at all times and we stayed within the agreed timeline and budget. Overall, for us it was a highly successful project, and we would always recommend Triona as a partner!”Moritz Bayerdörffer, Associate Director Operations / IT at Mutares SE & Co. KGaA (ultimate owner of the Terranor Group)


Customer: Terranor A/S

Industry: Contractor working with road operations and maintenance

Problem:The business needed an application which supports the whole process, from the first tender to planning work orders, registration of work performed, management of changes and additions, invoicing, and follow-up. This also makes it possible to reduce the number of different systems and vendors.

Solution:Triona’s product C7 Projects replaced many systems and was integrated with the new ERP, HR, and Payroll systems. C7 Projects also gave Terranor control of their projects, from calculations and first tender to last invoice.

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