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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

We would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

18 December 2018

Triona releases new TRACS Flow version

A new version of TRACS Flow was launched in November 2018 with the next version planned for May 2019.

17 December 2018

Triona Distance Calculation Service launched in Finland

The coverage area for the Triona distance calculation service now includes Finland. This has been made possible by the inclusion of data from DigiRoad in Finland, which comprises the complete Finnish road network and its restrictions for heavy goods traffic amd us making it available for route calculation in the distance calculation service.  Now you can seamlessly calculate routes and distances for your vehicle (with height, weight, and length parameters) in the Norway-Sweden-Finland area.

6 December 2018

Sucessful Triona Days 2018

Triona Days in Sweden is in its second year. This time with participants from many organizations within the transport and logistics sectors. Triona Days 2018 was incredibly productive and successful! That’s the conclusion we came to after seeing the feedback from participants.

30 November 2018

Anna Mårsell new CTO at Triona

In the beginning of April Triona started the process to recruit a new CTO, a modern self-reliant leader to take responsibility for the development of the Triona group’s work tools and processes for system development. The result of that process is that Anna Mårsell was chosen to take on the role, something which we are very pleased about.

20 November 2018

Triona makes presentation at Q3 dagen

Q3 dagen was held in Gothenburg on 15th November. Triona participated with Mats Bayard making a presentation on digitalization trends in the logistic and transport sectors.

15 November 2018

New version of Lasset released

Lasset, Triona’s cloud service for procurement and load booking, was upgraded in October. The most important news concerns further information sharing between client, supplier, terminals, and ultimately the customer for the container bookings.

13 November 2018

New IT systsem for RS Trommelservice AS

Triona has been chosen as supplier for the development of a new IT system for RS Trommelservice AS. The solution aims to replace manual processes so that the business can expand their digital transformation.

5 November 2018

Triona collaborates with RoadCloud on innovation project

The Swedish Transport Administration’s multi-year pilot project will evaluate a more reliable and modern system for the measurement, delivery, and analysis of friction data. Increased digitalization and utilization of modern technology from multiple sources (vehicle) will increase reliability as well as enable continuous measurement of the entire road network.

1 November 2018

Triona assumes responsibility for Azure operations

In October, in parallel with the takeover of operational activities from LiveArena, we welcomed two new employees to the Triona group. In doing this Triona takes over responsibility for LiveArena’s azure based operations.

30 October 2018

Triona opens office in Gothenburg

Triona has set up operations in Gothenburg during October. The office is located in Lindholmen, in a cluster of organizations working with among other things the automotive industry, telematics, and ITS.

24 October 2018

OpenTNF steering group meeting and workshop

November 20th 2018 we call for a statutory steering committee meeting and a workshop to discuss the future development of OpenTNF.

9 October 2018

Triona takes over bridge management system from Safe Control

Following the acquisition of Safe Control Infra AS in Spring 2018 Triona has now also acquired Safe Control documentation system AS and its SINUS.bk product. SINUS.bk is a web application that fits well with Triona’s current product portfolio. The product is based on rules developed in a Nordic partnership, so there are therefore good possibilities to win new customers for this product in Sweden and Finland.

3 October 2018

New mobile solution for Ragn-Sells

Triona has developed and maintained the current Ragn-Sells mobile order application (MOA) since 2012. Now we have been entrusted to start work on the next generation MOA and simultaneously develop better support for Ragn-Sells’ haulage contractors.

10 September 2018

New customers for SINUS

Safe Control Infra AS was acquired by Triona earlier this year. The SINUS.Infra product family which is a good match for Triona’s product portfolio was included in the acquisition. Now the sale of SINUS products has increased.

3 September 2018

New solution for road data editing at SDC

Triona has received an assignment from SDC to develop a new solution for editing road data which is used among other things in SDC’s “Krönt vägval” service.

29 August 2018

Successful delivery to Clas Ohlson

Within the framework of its programme sCORE (Systems for Clas Ohlson Retail Efficiency) Clas Ohlson has released Triona’s transport data platform (TDP) into production.

16 August 2018

Batchelor thesis on GeoBlockchain

What do companies, municipalities, and public authorities do to protect people from terrorist attacks where large vehicle-ramming is involved? Given the terrorist attacks in recent years this is something which is increasingly important to consider. In Spring 2018, Triona initiated a Batchelor thesis with Mittuniversitetet in Sweden where they studied how companies, municipalities, and public authorities can solve this problem, how much they know about Blockchain and Geo-fence, and if there is a need to improve the protection by implementing systems that combine Blockchain and Geo-fence to what we call GeoBlockchain.

3 August 2018

Triona releases TNE version 3.3

TNE version 3.3 is now released. Version 3.3 contains mainly new or improved functionality to streamline the supply of data from TNE; among other things a new module called TNE Replication. The module enables an updated (replicated) copy of a TNE database to be created. The copy can be a full copy, a subset, simplified or refined data in the TNE database. A possible area of application is for instance when displaying transport network data via a web-based map service (WMS) or data used to create reports and statistics.

25 June 2018

Triona to release new version of TRE

A new major version of Transport Routing Engine (TRE) is ready for release. This version includes functionality to apply elevation data from external sources (topographic data) to road data which is missing elevation data, routing on expanded networks as well as the option to calculate routes across several data sources which are automatically consolidated over the borders. This gives better possibilities to find the best route for among other things heavy and long vehicles for cross border transportation.

21 June 2018

Smart traffic signs for Borealis pilot project

Triona, together with Euroskilt, will deliver smart traffic signs for the Borealis pilot project at the Norwegian Public Roads Administration. The delivery is part of a research and development project which is being carried out on a 40 km long stretch of road along the E8 in Skibotndalen.

11 June 2018

New TRACS Flow version

A new version of TRACS Flow was launched in May with the next version planned for November 2018.

4 June 2018

Arctic Asfalt selects TRACS Flow

As part of the strategy for digitalizing its order process Artic Asfalt has selected TRACS Flow for its order management system. By using TRACS Flow the order process and information flow between the offices and operational teams will be simpler and more efficient.

28 May 2018

Portal streamlines railway transportation

From an environmental perspective the EU wants to promote railway traffic and to make this possible railway operators are required to provide information about their services. The current lack of available plant information for e.g. terminals, industrial railways, marshalling yards, makes the planning process for railway traffic services more difficult.

21 May 2018

Successful OpenTNF seminar

The OpenTNF seminar took place on 2nd May 2018 with nearly 30 participants from organizations active in the transport infrastructure, mapping, automotive, and IT industries.

16 May 2018

Norwegian Public Roads Administration upgrades to TNE 3

Triona have signed a contract with the Norwegian Public Roads Administration (NPRA) to upgrade to TNE version 3.

13 May 2018

Trasé project implemented at Bane NOR

At the end of 2016 Triona signed an agreement with Norwegian Bane NOR for the delivery of a management system for traffic-related route information. The first version of the system has been approved by the customer and has gone into production.

4 May 2018

Alltransport selects Triona’s distance calculation service

Alltransport are now using distance information from Triona’s distance calculation service for transport assignments managed in the TRACS Flow transport system. The distance information forms the basis for pricing and helps when making route choices.

16 April 2018

New customers for Triona’s TRA product

Triona’s product Triona Roadwork Assistant (TRA) is being used by more and more actors who work with traffic controls and diversions at roadworks. Some of the most recent customers are: Mesta, BMO Elektro, Securitas, Nokas, Ramudden, Relacom, Veidekke, and BetonmastHæhre.

12 April 2018

Triona’s product TRE now in the Netherlands and Luxembourg

More and more companies offering journey planning services are using Triona’s product Transport Routing Engine. The most recent customers are based in the Netherlands and Luxemburg where TRE is delivered together with HaCon’s product HAFAS.

3 April 2018

Ernsts Express selects TRACS Flow

Ernsts Express has chosen Triona’s product TRACS to help in the digitalization of its operations.

27 March 2018

Milestone reached at the Swedish Transport Administration (Trafikverket)

The system delivery in the Swedish Transport Administration’s ANDA project was approved in December 2017. The project included the implementation of a new IT solution for the management of plant data for the Swedish road and railway networks. The approval means that an important milestone has been reached.

19 February 2018

Norrlands Trä first in Sweden to use TimberPro

TimberPro will be implemented at Norrlands Trä making them the first Swedish timber processing company to use the modern ERP system purpose built for the timber industry.

12 February 2018

Triona Releases New Version of Transport Routing Engine

Triona released a new version of its Transport Routing Engine(TRE) in January 2018. The release includes several new features and some performance enhancements.

5 February 2018

Triona acquires Safe Control Infra AS

Triona announced the takeover of Safe Control Infra AS and its SINUS.Infra and Veibilder 360° products. The products are used today in the registration and maintenance of infrastructure related data. Included in the takeover are production activities dealing with the collection and processing of road images. The acquisition is in line with Triona’s strategy to offer innovative IT solutions for logistic- and infrastructure-related operations.

31 January 2018

OpenTNF Seminar at Triona

On 2nd May 2018 we will hold a seminar to discuss the future development of OpenTNF, to which you are warmly invited.

30 January 2018

SDC Upgrade to TNE 3

SDC has signed an agreement with Triona to upgrade to Transport Network Engine 3 (TNE 3). The upgrade will be done in phases during 2018. The benefits are shorter lead times, reduced costs, and increased quality in SDC’s work with the production of the dataset, which is the basis for among other things SDC’s “Krönt vägval” service.

29 January 2018

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