A cooperation for smarter decision making

NCC is one of the leading construction companies in the Nordics with operations in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Finland, with a turnover of close to 54 billion SEK and 14,400 employees.

The NCC Industry business unit is a part of the NCC group and focuses on the industrial production of stone materials, asphalt, foundation work and recycling of construction materials. NCC and Triona’s C7 team have developed a platform which can integrate several systems and gives a holistic view of the business.

Streamline and reduce the risk of errors

NCC Industry originally had no central system for managing and following up their projects and finances. Instead, they used a spreadsheet which was updated manually. This way of working was time consuming with a high probability for errors. This is not sustainable for a competitive business with low margins. NCC Industry were looking for a tool which could manage and optimize projects and processes for foremen, supervisors, and managers. The first step was to find a local IT supplier with industry expertise.

"We needed a digital solution which could create a common way of working in the whole region and contribute to a common definition for profits and margins" Dag Werner, Business Relationship Manager, NCC Industry.

Control from quotation to final invoice

The result of the cooperation between Triona and NCC Industry: a project management system which gives full control over every project, from quotation to final invoice. C7 has been developed to easily integrate project information with other systems being used in NCC Industry, for example their business system.

”C7 Projects from Triona provides the tools and an overview which means that we do not need to rely on various spreadsheets. It gives us functionality and control for the efficient management of tenders, feedback, and invoicing, in a consistent way”, adds Dag. “There is a well-organized collaboration between our team and Triona. We have been able to make suggestions, e.g., a specific calculation tool for asphalt surfacing and got that implemented which enables smarter decision making.”

Complete overview

C7 Projects is used daily by 600 users in three countries, 500 of which are foremen, to manage tasks and create around 10,000 invoices each month. NCC and Triona have a continued active cooperation and are further developing many features in the application together.

Overall NCC Industry appreciates being able to save up to half of the previous administrative time spent, 30 minutes per invoice and even more on each tender. Over time this gives considerable savings. The success with C7 Projects has led to NCC Industry now also using the system in other parts of the business, such as the piling division.

"We can log all resources in real-time for each step in every job, which helps us to lay new asphalt as quickly as possible and give the best possible customer service", concludes Werner. "Triona has proved to be a proactive partner who is willing to listen and has the technical knowledge to succeed."

"There is well organized cooperation between our team and Triona. We have been able to make suggestions got them implemented which enables smarter decision making" Dag Werner, Business Relationship Manager, NCC Industry



Customer: NCC Industry

Industry: Construction

Problem: NCC relied on spreadsheets to keep track of their projects and wanted to find a smarter, safer, and more efficient way of managing their projects.

Solution: Triona’s product C7 Projects allows full control in every project, from quotation to final invoice.

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