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Yet another successful Triona Days!

“Engaging”, “inspiring”, “informative” and “enjoyable” is how the participants described this year’s Triona Days.

20 December 2023

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

We would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

14 December 2023

New Country Manager appointed for Triona's Swedish operations

The Board of Triona AB is very happy to welcome Ted Lundström in his new role as responsible for Triona's Swedish operations. Ted will start his new role on 1st December 2023, and with this appointment Triona strengthens its Nordic organization. Rune Dragsnes and Mika Karjalainen have for some time had comparable roles in Norway and Finland respectively.

24 November 2023
Press release

TNE Version 3.12 released

Triona has now released the latest version of Transport Network Engine (TNE), 3.12. In this version, TNE Editor has been further developed and improved with many features that will make editing network and property data more efficient. 

23 November 2023

BEAst 4.0 helps Triona drive sustainability initiatives

Triona is a member of the BEAst organization and at this year’s conference Lars Lindgren, product owner for TRACS Flow at Triona, was one of the presenters. 

22 November 2023

Sustainability with Fair Transport

Triona and Fair Transport have signed an agreement to work together which means that Triona will use application criteria that form the basis of Fair Transport’s certification of haulage companies in Triona’s products e.g., C-Load. The parties will also work together to promote Fair Transport, with the aim of reaching a wider user base and working for Fair Transport to be a standard within the EU.

20 November 2023

Triona supports the fight against cancer

Triona supports the fight against cancer by taking part in the Pink Ribbon campaign against breast cancer and the Movember campaign for men's health.

31 October 2023

Energy content in sustainability reporting

Biometria’s “Krönt vägval” service is used by their customers to calculate the distance used for price calculations from the pick-up point in the forest out to industry. The calculated distance is tailored for the forest industries’ transports and takes the road network’s properties into account.  

13 October 2023

Transdev chooses FleetControl in Gästrikland

Transdev has operated regional transportation in the province of Gästrikland for some time. In December 2023 Transdev will start a new ten-year contract for regional transportation with 66 buses. FleetControl is included as a part of the system solution. 

10 October 2023

One million Changesets to NVDB

On 1st September, a new milestone was passed in SINUS’s history! Our users had by then sent one million Changesets to the Norwegian NVDB (National VegDataBank). 

11 September 2023

Triona joins ISV Success Program

We are excited to share that Triona has been accepted as a member of Microsoft’s ISV Success Program. The journey together with Microsoft has always been key for Triona and joining the program is the next logical step. We will now gain access to even more resources and support from Microsoft which will lead to improved competence in Microsoft’s platforms and technology. As Triona’s portfolio includes important products and services built on Azure technology we regard this partnership as important for us in order to strengthen our role as supplier and Microsoft partner. 

5 September 2023

Sveaskog streamlines the road process

In Sweden, there are 210,000 kilometers of forest roads. Sveaskog is, second after the Swedish transport administration, the largest road owner in Sweden with an administration of 43000 kilometers of “single” road. The administration is expensive with a lot of manual paper handling and a lack of digital interaction with the contractors of road maintenance work. 

1 September 2023

Helsinki office has moved

During the summer Triona moved to a new office in Helsinki.

28 August 2023

Triona's CEO steps down

In the aim to continue to develop Triona, Triona's board and Mats Bayard have jointly concluded that it is now time to hand over to a new CEO. The board is very satisfied with the position that Triona has reached under Mats’ leadership the past 20 years.

25 August 2023
Press release

GIS framework agreement with City of Stockholm

Triona has once again been awarded a frame agreement by the City of Stockholm for consultancy services within Geodata and GIS. The agreement covers all of its administrations as well as several enterprises owned by the City of Stockholm. 

14 August 2023

Mika Karjalainen appointed as MD in Finland

Mika Karjalainen has been appointed as MD for Triona Oy and responsible for Triona's operations in Finland.

8 August 2023

Triona modernizes Forest Information System for Metsähallitus together with Arbonaut

Triona and Arbonaut were selected to create the new Forest Information System for Metsähallitus Metsätalous Oy. Up-to-date, comprehensive, and high-quality forest resource information is valuable for Metsähallitus’ operations and decision-making. Careful forest planning is the core of responsible forestry.

26 June 2023

New field application at Sveaskog

In conjunction with Sveaskog updating the methodology for assessing conservation value Triona has taken part in developing a new tool to provide support in field work. 

22 June 2023

New release of TNE

We have now released TNE version 3.11. TNE Editor has addtional functionality for handling base data files, which will simplify and make editing of road related data more efficient. 

21 June 2023

Triona is to deliver a GIS application to Logset Oy

Triona and Logset Oy have agreed this spring that Triona will develop a GIS application – Logset Maps - to be installed on board Logset's forestry machines. Initially, functionality used by forwarders (forestry machines for transporting logs) is being developed.

19 June 2023

Cost calculation for road maintenance and operations

In early 2023 Triona was awarded a contract for the maintenance and further development of the MOTIV system for the Norwegian Public Roads Administration (Statens Vegvesen). MOTIV is used for calculating costs for road maintenance and operations in Norway. 

7 June 2023

New Tracs Flow release

The development of TRACS Flow is progressing and has now resulted in release 3.1. 

2 June 2023

VR start heaters remotely

Triona and the transport operator VR have together developed a solution to remotely start heaters on some of their buses. The heaters can now start on demand and before the bus needs to be in traffic. This reduces the environmental impact and ensures a comfortable working environment for the driver. 

11 April 2023

C-Load – still going strong

C-Load celebrated its 10-year anniversary in 2022 and a lot has happened during these ten years. Last year has been one of the more eventful since its launch. Apart from a continuous modernization of the platform, we have also adapted the service to a world where finding transports is sometimes a challenge and with huge fluctuations in fuel prices.

5 April 2023

SWEROCK goes live with TRACS Flow

Swerock is one of Sweden’s largest suppliers of material and services to the construction industry. The implementation of TRACS Flow at Swerock started in December 2022 and continued through the first few months of 2023. 

21 March 2023

New version of Triona Roadwork Assistant

Our system Triona Roadwork Assistant (TRA), a digital logbook which is used for managing road works, is continually getting new customers! In January a new version was released which made the system even more user friendly. Improvements have been made in the desktop version (web) and the app – both for iOS and Android.

28 February 2023

TRACS Flow 3.0

Triona has now released the latest version of TRACS Flow 3.0. For nearly a decade we have developed TRACS flow into a system which gives widespread support for business processes to actors within the transport and contractor industries.

17 February 2023

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