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Well-attended TNE Editor Webinar

Many of Triona’s current TNE customers and other stakeholders showed great interest and attended the TNE Editor webinar presented by Triona on 21 May. 

31 May 2024

Triona appoints Lena Ridström as new CEO

Triona’s Board of Directors has today appointed Lena Ridström as the new CEO of Triona.

15 May 2024
Press release

TNE version 3.13 released

Triona has now released version 3.13 of Transport Network Engine (TNE). In this version we have continued to develop the TNE Editor to an even more effective and powerful tool for editing network and network-related data.

30 April 2024

C-Load – a sustainable way forward

Over the last six months, Triona’s product C-Load has been updated with several sought-after features. We are probably most excited about the steps we have taken to promote sustainability. During the previous autumn we have implemented an integration to Fair Transport to help our transport ordering clients to make a conscious choice. 

22 April 2024

Triona and Arctic Asfalt cooperate to reduce asphalt’s environmental impact

Triona and Arctic Asfalt, with support from Innovasjon Norge, have started a collaboration to reduce CO2 emissions throughout the whole asphalting workflow. 

21 March 2024

Triona helps Sveaskog navigate the forest

Triona and Creative Optimization have together developed a field tool for Sveaskog which provides suggestions for both temporary timber collection points and roads for extracting the timber as well as help find the best route through the region. By using optimal planning, the forestry industry can save a large amount of resources, both in monetary and environmental terms.

15 March 2024

Brani Asphalt chooses Triona’s project management solution

In order to streamline their work processes, Brani Asphalt carried out a digitalization project where they evaluated in-house and external products as well as manual processes. 

20 February 2024

C7 projects’ new saas solution in operation

Triona’s will put its new SaaS version for C7 Projects into commercial operation at its first customer in March 2024. The solution includes estimation, work order management, mobile reporting, time reporting with clock in/clock out, monitoring, and invoicing.

14 February 2024

Skogsåkarna selects TRACS Flow

Skogsåkarna who is active in the forest transportation sector, focussing on wood chips, bio fuels, and roundwood transportation, has recently selected Triona’s TRACS Flow product to manage, plan, and streamline its wood chips transportation and manage its roundwood operations.

7 February 2024

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