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Major contractor selects TRACS Flow

A major supplier of materials and services to the construction industry has chosen TRACS Flow for its new order management system. The rollout is planned for 2021.

18 December 2020

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

We would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

17 December 2020

Harvester Data Calculation Service ready for piloting

In the spring, we announced that Triona will deliver the Harvester Data Calculation Service to the Finnish Forest Centre Suomen Metsäkeskus. Now the calculation service is completed and ready to receive harvester information from forest companies.

23 November 2020

ITxPT project in Gothenburg

Triona has proudly participated in the RIVSILON case study with our knowhow and our product FleetControl

9 November 2020

Triona delivers signal managment system to Svingen control station

Triona and Euroskilt have jointly developed a smart control station in Svingen which has now been delivered to the Norwegian Public Roads Administration (Statens Vegvesen). The control station is used to check vehicles with respect to traffic safety and conditions which can affect competition in the transport sector. Examples are vehicle overloading, driver’s hours infringements or driving with vehicle defects.

2 November 2020

C-Load version 1.38 released

A new version of C-Load (1.38.0) was released on 10th September. The focus in this release has been the continued modernization of the C-Load service, both architecturally and through a total redesign of the procurement list with new web technology, making the functionality more user-friendly and transparent

26 October 2020

Emissions report 2019 complete

Triona produced an emissions report according to the GHG (Greenhouse Gas) protocol standard in autumn last year and the 2019 emissions report is now complete.

19 October 2020

New version of TNE

TNE version 3.7 was released in the middle of September and now TNE is also available as a cloud service. Further in this version we have enhanced support for the management of digital asset (AIM) information, among others, and syncing data in local database environments.

12 October 2020

New integration component at VSV Frakt

VSV Frakt had an issue with different non-synergetic integration flows and costs related to each flow. These were two of the reasons that VSV Frakt decided to start their Violett project at the end of autumn 2019. The aim was to unify their integration flows as well as make these futureproof and reducing cost. The project is now complete and the goals reached.

5 October 2020

Triona photographs road network in new Drammen

Triona won the procurement to photograph the road network (360° images) in Drammens municipality. In total we have photographed just over 700km of roads in the new Drammen municipality. This includes both roads, footpaths, and cycle paths. The new Drammen municipality consists of the former Drammen, Nedre Eiker, and Svelvik municipalities.

21 September 2020

New version of Distance Service and TRE

New versions of Triona Distance Service and the Transport Routing Engine have been released.

14 September 2020

Triona expand their work in the public transport sector

Mats Johansson started work at Triona on 1st October with the responsibility to develop Triona’s business in the public transport sector. Mats will work from Triona’s growing office in Gothenburg but will work with public transport actors in our Swedish, Norwegian, and Finnish markets.

9 September 2020

Arriva select Triona

Arriva has won a tender to operate urban and regional bus services in Kristianstad.

7 September 2020

Söderhamns LBC selects Triona’s TRACS Flow

Söderhamns LBC selects TRACS Flow for their next order management system.

24 August 2020

Web version of FleetAnalyzer in FleetControl

FleetControl offer a number of services which help keep administrative costs down at vehicle fleets by continually collecting data from vehicles and then displaying this for drivers, back-office processing, or using in other applications to increase value and/or efficiency. FleetAnalyzer, which is a part of FleetControl is now being released in phases to increase availability for users.

17 August 2020

C-Load version 1.37 released

A new version of C-Load (1.37.0) was deployed on 11th June. In this release we have continued our work with revamping the platform by modernizing the architecture and laying the foundation for a more modern web. Transparent information sharing between actors in the logistics chain has been enhanced by further development of the “Load Appendix” functionality implemented in 1.36.0. Besides architecture/web and “Load appendix” the release included several new features for clients, suppliers, customers, and terminals.

10 August 2020

TimberPro in production at Ingarp Träskydd

Ingarp Träskydd based outside Eksjö is now fully up and running with TimberPro from Triona

3 August 2020

Västtrafik streamlines with TNE and TRE

Västtrafik automates and simplifies its public transport planning process with Triona’s TNE and TRE products. Updated road data is automatically generated using TNE in such a way that the data can be adapted by TRE to calculate the distance between different stops (mileage calculation).

16 June 2020

C-Load version 1.36 released

A new version of C-Load (1.36.0) was released in April 2020. In this release we continued to modernize the platform by implementing a new authentication solution which in turn lays the foundation for further development of the service.

25 May 2020

Harvester data calculation service to the Finnish Forest Centre

The Finnish Forest Centre collects and shares data related to Finland's forests and enforces compliance with forestry legislation. The aim of the harvester data calculation service is to improve the up-to-date forest asset data produced by the Finnish Forest Centre by enabling the utilization of data from harvesting as one of the data sources for updating the data. Triona is developing a scalable solution for Metsäkeskus, to which wood procurement organizations send data for efficient processing.

18 May 2020

SINUS to Norway’s new counties

The new Norwegian counties have chosen Triona to supply their SINUS Infra product, an innovative software used to capture road data for updating the Norwegian national road database (NVDB)

11 May 2020

New forestry system at the National Property Board (SFV)

At the beginning of 2020 Triona was awarded a procurement regarding requirements analysts for the National Property Board - Statens Fastighetsverk (SFV). The assignment includes analysing needs and producing requirements for SFV to support their forestry business in advance of an upcoming procurement

6 May 2020

Sundfrakt group launch TRACS Flow

Sundfrakt have launched TRACS Flow. The Sundfrakt group, to which Sundfrakt AB belong, has used TRACS Flow as it’s central order management system from March 2020.

4 May 2020

Smart flow of information for transport infrastructure

Triona, Trimble and Ramboll together with the Swedish Transport Administration (Trafikverket) and the Norwegian Public Roads Administration (Statens Vegvesen) will start a joint project in Autumn to develop and demonstrate processes and an innovative technical solution to allow automated, streamlined, and open information flows for transport-infrastructure related data.

27 April 2020

Triona releases TRACS Flow version 2.11

A new version of TRACS flow was launched as planned at the end of February. New versions are planned for May and September 2020.

20 April 2020

Triona strengthens Sokigo’s traffic and road solutions

Sokigo and Triona signed a cooperation agreement on 14th April 2020 with the aim of offering Sweden’s municipalities solutions for the traffic and road sector based on leading-edge technology. Triona’s platform TNE, which supports many different types of applications and operations which use or manage information about the transport network, will as a result be part of Sokigo’s product LV. The aim of the partnership is to be able to offer the Swedish municipal market the best solutions in the traffic and road sector.

15 April 2020

Triona releases TNE version 3.6

TNE version was released at the beginning of March. New features in this version are extended and enhanced support for the management of digital asset (AIM) information, among others. This allows for new and exciting options for the effective management of digital twins at our customers such as Nye Veier.

14 April 2020

The Corona virus - guidelines and operational measures within Triona

In the last weeks Triona has taken steps aimed at handling the consequences of the Corona virus.

17 March 2020

Digital return solution for cable drums operational

RS Trommelservice have operations in a branch unknown to many, but which make a good environmental contribution to recycling or controlled disposal of cable drums. Triona has developed a solution which digitizes the process from order registration through implementation and financial settlement. The service was launched on 1st January 2020 and as a result manual work and paperwork are already history.

9 March 2020

New solution for Sveaskog’s forest machines

Nineteen years old, well-functioning, stable, fast, and popular sums up Sveaskog’s current GIS solution for forest machines (PStyr). However, to realize both new ways of working and improvements from next generation systems PStyr needs to be replaced.

2 March 2020

Frame agreement with Svevia

As a result of their investment in digitalization Svevia have signed a frame agreement with Triona for products which will streamline their work with operations and maintenance of the norwegian road network. The goal is to win new operational contracts in Norway.

24 February 2020

New frame agreement with the Swedish Transport Administration (Trafikverket)

Triona further strengthens its position as a strategic supplier to the Swedish Transport Administration (Trafikverket) in the asset information area, through a new frame agreement “Strategisk kompetens för digital anläggningsinformation” roughly translated “Strategic competence for digital asset information”.

20 February 2020

SINUS adopts the new road reference system

In conjunction with the municipal and regional reforms which came into force on 1st January 2020, the Norwegian Public Roads Administration (Statens Vegvesen) introduced a completely new reference system in the National Road Database (NVDB).

27 January 2020

Owner increases holding in Triona’s shares

Triona is privately owned and several of its employees are part-owners. Triona has an increasing proportion of external ownership (not actively employed in the group). Towards the end of 2019 the former Chairman of the Board Nils Robert Persson increased his holding by 3.9% to a total of 6.6% of the shares. The 220,000 shares were acquired in two rounds at a price of 30 SEK respective 32 SEK per share.

21 January 2020

Triona acquires CivilPoint´s shares in Triona Oy

CivilPoint Oy owned 19% of the shares in Triona Oy and has since Triona Oy was founded been an important partner to the Triona Group. Just before Christmas, CivilPoint and Triona agreed that Triona acquires CivilPoint´s shares in Triona Oy.

14 January 2020

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