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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

We would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

22 December 2021

Emissions report for 2020

Triona’s Emissions report for 2020 is now ready. As previously, we report according to the GHG (Greenhouse Gas) protocol within scopes 1, 2 and 3, and this year in scope 3 we have also included an analysis of various cloud solution suppliers providing IT services.

14 December 2021

Triona acquires C7 from Fujitsu

Triona acquires the business area C7, including the product itself. C7 is a project management tool used by organizations working with asphalt, construction, and energy related projects. The takeover takes place as of 1/1/2022.

12 November 2021

Triona 30 years

Today we celebrate Triona 30 years! Our journey so far has been amazing.

22 October 2021

Triona releases TNE version 3.8

In September, TNE 3.8 was released, and the TNE Editor module has now been added to our TNE cloud service. Further enhancements in this version include improved support for handling of information related to projects, organizations, and users.

18 October 2021

New release of Transport Routing Engine

A new release of Transport Routing Engine (TRE) is now available for our customers. The main enhancement is the improved handling of a route’s starting point and destination for walking and cycle routes.

11 October 2021

Region Västmanland (VL) selects FleetControl

Triona has together with Hogia won Region Västmanland’s (VL’s) procurement “platform for traffic information”. Triona is responsible for the delivery of FleetControl, a product that fetches, publishes, and shares data from public transport vehicles. The system’s main components are a Multi-service IoT Edge Gateway and an Android based driver display, both using software from Triona.

23 September 2021

Keolis selects FleetControl

Triona and Keolis Sverige AB have signed a Frame Agreement regarding delivery of FleetControl as a part of Keolis’ new onboard vehicle communication platform. The first deliveries will be for Keolis’ extension of E22 traffic agreement with SL and new agreements with Västtrafik.

6 September 2021

Holmen trävaror implements C-Load at more sawmills

Holmen Wood Products (Holmen Trävaror) have been using C-Load at their Linghem sawmill for several years. Now their sawmills in Braviken and Iggesund have also decided to use C-Load.

30 August 2021

Transab selects TRACS Flow

Last Spring, contractor and logistics company Transab, based in Jönköping, selected TRACS Flow as their future transport administration system. In replacing the existing transport system with TRACS Flow and using the additional functionality offered, Transab is now even better prepared to develop their business.

23 August 2021

Agreement with Statens vegvesen for NVDB Geotjenester

Triona has been awarded a contract from the Norwegian Public Roads Administration (Statens vegvesen) which includes development, administration, and maintenance of the NVDB Geo-Services (NVDB Geotjenester) system portfolio.

19 August 2021

Triona delivers angling e-service to Luke

During Spring 2021 Triona Oy was awarded a project from Luke – the Natural Resources Institute in Finland. The project will deliver a service, Oma kala (My Own Fish) whereby anglers can easily report caught fish, check their catch history, buy fishing licenses etc.

12 August 2021

MaserFrakt selects TRACS Flow

MaserFrakt is one of the largest companies in transport and machine services in Sweden and has been based in Dalarna for many years. MaserFrakt has selected TRACS Flow from Triona as their future business support system for agreement and order management, planning, operational support, and monitoring, thereby continuing their long term cooperation with Triona. The plan is to launch the commercial service as early as this year, both for the back-office system and vehicle-based mobile devices.

9 August 2021

New assignment for Oslo municipality

Before the Summer, Triona won as assignment regarding “Survey and planning of road and street maintenance” for Oslo municipality. As a part of the assignment, we will photograph Oslo municipality’s 1365 km of roads and streets including pedestrian and bicycle lanes. We will register all data in the Norwegian national road database (NVDB) as well as defining a plan for road maintenance in Oslo municipality.

5 August 2021

E.ON Sweden opted for Once by Pinja in its supply chain management

E.ON Sweden is part of the international E.ON energy group that employs 70,000 people in 15 different countries. The company has four plants and employs 2,100 people in Sweden, offering electricity, heating and smart energy solutions to a million private consumers and businesses. 

2 August 2021

Fraktkedjan AB goes live with TRACS Flow

In Spring 2019, Triona signed a frame agreement with Allmänna Transport och Logistik Alliansen i Skandinavien AB (ATLAS-gruppen) for its TRACS Flow product. TRACS Flow is a user-friendly and modern platform for the digital transformation of order management from agreement and order processing to planning, execution, and monitoring. The second phase of the deployment project at ATLAS Gruppen has now been concluded at one of their companies, Fraktkedjan. From December 2020, TRACS Flow is Fraktkedjan’s central Order Management System.

7 June 2021

Road Surfacing System to Statens Vegvesen

Triona has been awarded a contract for the further development of a Road Surfacing System to the Norwegian Public Roads Administration (Statens Vegvesen). The contract is in two parts, Pavement Management System (PMS) and ROSITA.

18 May 2021

Bergkvist Siljan in insjön deploy C-Load

Bergkvist Siljan Group has been using C-Load since 2019 at their facilities in Mora and Blybergssågen in Älvdalen. Now their sawmill in Insjön has also become the latest facility to deploy and use C-Load.

12 April 2021

C-Load – Added support for sustainable transportation

The ongoing work to develop and improve C-Load has resulted in two new releases 1.39 (10 November 2020) and 1.40 (3 February 2021) where we focused on a continued modernization of the service and with a focus on sustainability.

6 April 2021

Söderhamns LBC launches TRACS Flow

Commercial operation of TRACS Flow started 1st February replacing Söderhamns LBC’s Cockpit order management system.

29 March 2021

Customers happy with Triona

In our latest customer survey carried out during fall 2020 we again received very good reviews from our customers. Nearly all customers agreed with the statement “cooperation with Triona works well”.

15 March 2021

TRACS Flow version 2.14 released

A new version of TRACS flow was launched as planned at the end of February. The next releases are planned for May and November 2021.

8 March 2021

Webinar with RoadCloud

Triona’s product offering in FleetControl is expanding with more customers and new services. With FleetControl as IOT on-board platform and FleetAnalyzer in the cloud, there are new opportunities to collect, share, and analyze data from public transport vehicles. Everything for streamlined operations and more and happier customers.

26 February 2021

New offices in Oslo

In early 2021 Triona moved to new offices in Oslo.

24 February 2021

An attractive employer

Our most important assets are our employees and our customer relationships – happy and satisfied employees contribute to increased customer satisfaction. To ensure that we are attractive as an employer we carry out regular employee surveys. We use an independent external company who use evidence-based methods and analyses to help us understand what our employees think about working for Triona and our working environment.

29 January 2021

Triona expands in Gothenburg

Triona has moved to new and more modern offices in the World Trade Center on Korsvägen in Gothenburg

11 January 2021

FleetControl chosen as Transdev’s IoT platform

Transdev launched the Nordic’s largest electric bus fleet in Gothenburg on 13 December, on behalf of the bus operator Västtrafik. In the delivery to Västtrafik Transdev selected Triona’s vehicle neutral FleetControl system as the central IoT platform.

7 January 2021

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