Alltransport and Triona increase cooperation

Transport and outsourcing group Alltransport, with its headquarters in Norrköping and operations in Linköping, Örebro, Stockholm, and Uppsala, is an exciting company who Triona has worked with previously. After having used Triona’s Cockpit product Alltransport decided to upgrade to the new TRACS Flow product. The implementation has improved several areas of the business but in particular the logistics side.

TRACS Flow is a system which supports business processes in the transport and construction sectors. It handles among other things contract/order management, planning, operational management, and monitoring. The system has been designed so that using configuration it can be easily customized for different companies’ requirements and processes. In Alltransport’s case it has meant a changeover from paper-based transport bills to a fully automatized digital system.

The TRACS Flow implementation has made it possible to digitalize Alltransport’s previously manual work activities. The current management of transport bills is replaced with a digital process, customized according to Alltransport’s requirements. The most obvious effect is that assignments can be more easily reported as complete and the invoicing process is faster. Alltransport also use the mobile application which gives good support for work activities out in the field. For example, support for scanning which was introduced to reduce the risk of human error.

The system which Triona delivered to Alltransport also has a flexible web portal which simplifies the collaboration with both customers and cooperation partners. This means that all data for every assignment, regardless of whether it was created out in the field, by a transport manager, or a customer directly, is available from one place. Data can be displayed in maps or in traditional lists and tables, which creates conditions for working more efficiently. It is easier to train new employees and give good customer service. With the correct data available there is less risk of making mistakes. There is increased quality during the entire work process.

“We chose Triona’s TRACS Flow to make the implementation as fast and pain-free as possible. We have had a long-standing relationship with Triona through their system Cockpit, so we know each other well and we know how can collaborate in order to keep the costs for the replacement system at an acceptable level.” - Calle Gustafsson.

Looking to the future

The system also allows GPS positioning which opens up the use for geofencing. Geofencing means that transport can be monitored from the office or terminal, and when a vehicle is nearing a particular area, a notification is automatically sent to a predetermined recipient.

“It has been incredibly productive for us to be able to work with Alltransport with their logistics and long-distance transport. They have set the bar high for both Triona and for our product, which has been productive and enriching. We proved ourselves.” Thomas Højsgaard Triona


Customer: Alltransport

Product: TRACS Flow

Solution: Ett verksamhets- och ordersystem som digitaliserar manuella arbetsmoment.

Key Words: #Transport Planning, #Mobility, #Digitization, #Transport Management, #Logistics, #Geo-fence, #Order management