Triona improves transport efficiency in the mining business

One of the transport sectors’ greatest challenges is the management and collection of data from all involved actors. This is not only because the correct goods need to end in the right place but also that all parties receive the correct payment. LKAB’s transports at the Kiruna mine is no exception.

LKAB is Europe’s largest producer of iron ore and the Kiruna mine is the world’s largest underground iron ore mine. Every day thousands of tons of iron ore are mined for further processing. This results in up to 1000 transports which need to be loaded, weighed, shipped, and unloaded. For all the production machinery to function it is vital that nothing goes wrong with these transports. The company which takes care of all transports above ground is called BDX and they engaged Triona to automate the order process.

”We received the assignment a month before the solution was to be put into production on New Year’s Eve. We were faced with a huge challenge and we were aware of how disastrous a production stoppage could be. Thanks to our careful planning and close cooperation with the customer we managed in a very short time to launch the service without any adverse incidents.” Thomas Höjsgaard, Triona

An adaptable system

Triona’s system TRACS Flow was integrated with a weighing system and a business system. The system was put in production at midnight at the turn of the year 2016/2017 and the implementation was carried out without any break in the production system. With the integration towards the weighing and business system BDX can now keep control of the transport assignments which consist of loading of coke, additive handling, loading of iron ore products on to railway wagons, storage handling of pellets, transport of both waste rock and raw goods, transport of material, ore traffic and road maintenance.

”Tracs Flow has simplified our work considerably. Triona has been immensely accommodating but above all practical and flexible. They have an extremely broad knowledge base and quickly understood our daily routines” Martin Fredriksson, Product Manager BDX.

With the new solution, prerequisites are in place to further expand the functionality in 2017 with features like GPS tracking, geofencing and mobile communications. This all together will improve the quality of daily work and automate reporting and monitoring.


Customer: BDX

Product: TRACS Flow

Solution: An order management system to support and streamline transports as well as facilitate reporting and follow-up at the Kiruna mine. The system was integrated with business systems for finance and weighing information and allows feedback via mobile clients. At the mine ca. 40 trucks and ca. 40 loaders drive 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Keywords: Geofencing, mobility, integration, order management, weighing system.