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C7 projects’ new saas solution in operation

14 February 2024

Triona’s will put its new SaaS version for C7 Projects into commercial operation at its first customer in March 2024. The solution includes estimation, work order management, mobile reporting, time reporting with clock in/clock out, monitoring, and invoicing.

Smooth implementation and full control

C7 Projects is now offered as a SaaS solution, making it even easier for new customers to get started. There is already increased interest in the system, even among smaller companies, as the initial costs are significantly reduced.

C7 Projects is a project management system that gives users complete control over projects, from first quote to final invoice. By using C7 Projects, you can manage all your projects in one tool – easy to navigate and to get a full overview. Everyone in the organization benefits from C7 Projects: project managers, calculation engineers, controllers, field workers, and supervisors.

C7 is easily adapted to your processes and project definitions. The system is built for straightforward integration with external systems, this could be getting cost and revenues from your business system or data that is held in other systems. This will give you full control over your projects and at the same time reduce inputting the same information twice.

Triona’s aim is for long term, mutual values and commitments. Our first customer is still using C7 after 20 years, and today C7 has thousands of users. C7 can be used regardless of your business, however you will get the most benefits where there is a need for daily monitoring, flexibility, and simplicity. Our customers have chosen C7 due to its unique combination of full project control and ease of use.

By using C7 Projects, our customers can cut their administrative time by up to half: Thirty minutes per invoice, and even more per bid. Over time this leads to substantial savings.

"At Triona we are very happy and proud to launch our new C7 Projects. With the launch of C7 Projects as a modern SaaS solution, we are also opening up for smaller organizations to join and experience its benefits. It is an exciting time for us as we see how C7 Projects can simplify and improve workflows for businesses of all sizes." Ted Lundström, Country Manager Sweden at Triona

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