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Triona helps Sveaskog navigate the forest

15 March 2024

Triona and Creative Optimization have together developed a field tool for Sveaskog which provides suggestions for both temporary timber collection points and roads for extracting the timber as well as help find the best route through the region. By using optimal planning, the forestry industry can save a large amount of resources, both in monetary and environmental terms.

Triona has helped Sveaskog develop a new function in their existing field planning tool where a user, via a UI on an iPad can enter geometric data and other parameters. These are uploaded to a service which then returns an optimized suggestion for both temporary timber collection points and the best route through the terrain. The tool uses Creative Optimization’s service Timbertrail which is now integrated in Sveaskog’s own in-house field planning system. 

The tool takes a number of factors into account like ground humidity in order to avoid rutting and other unnecessary ground damage, the terrain’s incline as well as water courses, cultural and recreational values. 

When the optimization is complete the tool shows a suggestion which the user can then adjust based on visual observations out in the field. 

“This tool will give us the same optimum starting point every time which will support our decision making. However, the final decision on what is feasible rests with the planner. This will make the process faster with less risk for vehicle damage to the terrain”, said Björn Ros, planning specialist at the forestry unit. 

The goal is that the optimization will be widely used when the field planning season starts for the year.