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Triona and Arctic Asfalt cooperate to reduce asphalt’s environmental impact

21 March 2024

Triona and Arctic Asfalt, with support from Innovasjon Norge, have started a collaboration to reduce CO2 emissions throughout the whole asphalting workflow. 

The main aim of the project, which has been running for a year, is to develop a Decision Support System which will ensure better decision making throughout the entire asphalting process – from production to asphalting. In that way the system will help make decisions which will optimize the production process and reduce energy consumption.  

The decision support system will be seamlessly integrated with Triona’s project management systems such as C7 projects and TRACS Flow. This will further strengthen the work to meet the climate goals for the asphalt industry. 

With the first rollout already planned for April 2024, Triona and Arctic Asfalt are showing their strong commitment to develop solutions which reduce CO2 emissions. 

The project will continue until the end of 2025 and represents a milestone in the journey towards a more sustainable future for asphalt production.