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TNE version 3.13 released

30 April 2024

Triona has now released version 3.13 of Transport Network Engine (TNE). In this version we have continued to develop the TNE Editor to an even more effective and powerful tool for editing network and network-related data.

On 26 April, the Swedish Transport Administration (Trafikverket) migrates to a new technical solution for the national road database (NVDB). The new solution is based on TNE and TNE Editor and Trafikverket’s actors will use TNE Editor as their Geo data update tool. TNE Editor will be used to review and update the data which is delivered to the NVDB by municipalities, forest owners, and other stakeholders. 

New features in the TNE Editor include:

  • Option to lock editing of geometry/network. This makes it easier for municipalities to handle updates correctly and avoid inadvertently making changes to the public network.
  • Simultaneous display of both link styles and collections of data points. This gives the user a better overview over several objects which makes for a more effective way of working and improved quality.
  • Display of one or several WMS services as overlay layers. This allows the user the option to select and display more information in the map view.
  • Validation with specific validation date. This means that users get only the information they are interested in.
  • Display of elevation profile for a selected network.
  • Improved management of future objects. Users can decide themselves if these should be overwritten or not.

About TNE: 

Transport Network Engine (TNE) is a powerful and configurable platform which offers solutions for managing road and railway network data. TNE Editor, which is a part of the TNE platform, supports editing of network and related data in an efficient way and has become an important tool for municipalities and organizations that require tools to be able to handle and update this data.

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