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One million Changesets to NVDB

11 September 2023

On 1st September, a new milestone was passed in SINUS’s history! Our users had by then sent one million Changesets to the Norwegian NVDB (National VegDataBank). 

SINUS is a part of Triona’s product portfolio and handles capture and management of infrastructure related data. SINUS infra and SINUS photo are both used by the Norwegian Road Administration and local municipalities (Statens vegvesen, fylkeskommunene og kommunene) and deliver road-related data to the Norwegian NVDB. In addition, SINUS can also deliver this road data to TNE (Transport Network Engine) – Triona’s own database for road data.


Updates of NVDB based on Changesets ensures data integrity. It is very important for all organizations using this NVDB data, e.g. transport management, that data is complete and actual. 

The first Changeset was sent from SINUS to NVDB on 25th June 2016 and on Friday 1st September 2023 the one millionth Changeset was sent. The Changeset includes a set of data objects, so in fact the number of objects passed are many more than one million. All road-related data which the subcontractors have delivered directly to Data Capture and not using Changesets are additional to the one million Changesets. 

We expect the next million Changesets will be delivered less than seven years from now.