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New version of Triona Roadwork Assistant

28 February 2023

Our system Triona Roadwork Assistant (TRA), a digital logbook which is used for managing road works, is continually getting new customers! In January a new version was released which made the system even more user friendly. Improvements have been made in the desktop version (web) and the app – both for iOS and Android.

Capture of approved plans for notice of road works have been made more robust. Several data fields are now imported automatically. This includes plans approved by both the Norwegian Public Roads Administration’s APV system (E-Roads, highways, and county roads) and in the municipal system (for municipal roads).

A great deal of support for new equipment has also been added. Both normal signs, safety equipment, and events that will be logged. For example, snowplows, salt spreaders, VTS telephones and more. The goal is that all equipment which is used when managing road works and should be logged, will also be available in TRA.

The new version of the app has been made more user friendly! App users can now reset their passwords. Sometimes situations arise where signs/equipment not contained in the plan must be set up. To make it easier to find this equipment, a search feature has been added to the app. Often the signs and equipment are permanently positioned but sometimes signs, e.g. blasting in progress, are set up and taken down periodically. The app now allows you to stop and restore one or a selection of signs, as well as the existing Stop all/Restore all functionality.

Last but not least the old Norwegian road reference system (HP/meter) has been removed from both the app and web. The Triona Roadwork Assistant now only works with the new Norwegian road reference system (main route/route segment).