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Sustainability with Fair Transport

20 November 2023

Triona and Fair Transport have signed an agreement to work together which means that Triona will use application criteria that form the basis of Fair Transport’s certification of haulage companies in Triona’s products e.g., C-Load. The parties will also work together to promote Fair Transport, with the aim of reaching a wider user base and working for Fair Transport to be a standard within the EU.

In spring 2021 Triona launched support for sustainability points in C-Load as a complement when ranking suppliers in procurements. The points are based on a sustainability survey which transport companies can respond to. The survey was based on an assessment template which was previously based on what the Q3 organization had produced. Shortly afterwards Triona took over the responsibility of driving Q3 forward. The keywords for the further development of Q3 were from Triona’s side, balance and simplicity. This included among other things the aim to consider other stakeholders’ needs e.g., buyers and sellers of transport services. The next logical step was a cooperation with Fair Transport and a joint analysis showed that the criteria from both Fair Transport and Q3 were relatively similar. We will therefore start this cooperation with the aim of reducing complexity for all actors. The cooperation will strengthen our joint aim to create sustainable transportation, both in Sweden and Europe. 

Triona will initially support the following in C-Load: 

  • Suppliers with a Fair Transport certification will be marked, and the certification will be visible in C-Load 
  • Suppliers with a Fair Transport certification get the same points as if they had completed the current sustainability survey in C-Load. 
  • The sustainability survey in C-Load will be adapted so that it is based on Fair Transports questions. 

In the long term we intend to give transport companies insight into current procurements.  

“For Fair Transport this is an opportunity to work with Triona. We expect that certified companies will have an advantage through this cooperation. We also envisage the opportunity to expand Fair Transport into other countries” said Tina Thorsell, the Swedish Confederation of Transport Enterprises. 

Today Triona offers products such as C7 projects, C-Load, FleetControl, and TRACS Flow which together connect ca 350 organizations in Europe buying and selling transport services. Together with these organizations we will contribute to the development of Fair Transport and the criteria which form the basis for certification.