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Triona's CEO steps down

25 August 2023
Press release

In the aim to continue to develop Triona, Triona's board and Mats Bayard have jointly concluded that it is now time to hand over to a new CEO. The board is very satisfied with the position that Triona has reached under Mats’ leadership the past 20 years.

During Mats Bayard's time as CEO, Triona has gone from being a local supplier of IT consultants to a niche IT supplier of both services and industry-oriented products. From initially only being represented in Borlänge, the company today has operations in many locations in Sweden, Norway and Finland. Triona now has a broad customer base in the Nordics, with good distribution within both public and privately owned organizations. The customers are also found in other countries in Europe, where we see possible growth in the future.

"After over 20 years as CEO, this is a completely natural change. We have successively worked on renewing and developing the leadership and now it is my turn to make way for someone who will continue the work of developing Triona. My focus in the near future is to create a smooth transition with the goal that Triona’s operation does not lose momentum.

As I said when we wrapped up 2022, two of my starting points when I started as CEO in 2002 were to have fun and believe in what I do. I have lived by this and today believe more strongly in Triona than ever, not least because of all the competent employees in our organization. Triona has the best years ahead. We are a quality company that has the potential to continue to develop positively.", says Mats Bayard.

The company's turnover and profitability have steadily improved and Triona has grown through both successful acquisitions of companies and operations, as well as organic growth. During Mats time, Triona has also been listed on the stock exchange and the share can today be traded at the NGM stock exchange.

"Now it is time for a change. Being CEO is like being part of a relay race, you take over from someone and then pass on to the next. The board and I personally want to thank Mats for his extraordinary efforts to develop Triona during this long journey," says Lars Harrysson, chairman of the board.

Mats will retain the role of CEO for the time being, but the handover process will start immediately. The board strives to appoint a new CEO as soon as possible.