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Triona is to deliver a GIS application to Logset Oy

19 June 2023

Triona and Logset Oy have agreed this spring that Triona will develop a GIS application – Logset Maps - to be installed on board Logset's forestry machines. Initially, functionality used by forwarders (forestry machines for transporting logs) is being developed.

The system communicates locally with harvesters (forestry machine for tree felling) in the forest and with Logset's backend service when the forwarder is online.

The forwarder utilizes information from the harvester to know where and what kind of logs are available to be picked up from the harvesting site. The information is synchronized with the backend services as work progresses. This provides drivers with an opportunity to streamline the logistics around forest harvesting.

Logset is a Finnish manufacturer of harvesters and forwarders that are used around the world. The application will increase customer value and Logset’s market competitiveness.

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