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Sveaskog streamlines the road process

1 September 2023

In Sweden, there are 210,000 kilometers of forest roads. Sveaskog is, second after the Swedish transport administration, the largest road owner in Sweden with an administration of 43000 kilometers of “single” road. The administration is expensive with a lot of manual paper handling and a lack of digital interaction with the contractors of road maintenance work. 

Triona is now developing a field solution for contractors, where the work orders easily can be handled and reported in a mobile or tablet.  


Sveaskog sees a lot of opportunities with the new solution. It will increase efficiency and reduce cost. The visualization of where and when a road action is planned and performed enables a uniform way of working and creates transparency in the organization. The transparency also enables a better long-term planning of work for Sveaskog and the contractors. 

“We want to collaborate with Triona as a supplier for several reasons. They know our existing IT solutions and how to maximize the synergies with other areas. Triona also has high business knowledge in forestry and road administration, says Christer Ranvald, project manager at Sveaskog”  

A pilot study was implemented in spring 2023 with a following ongoing development. The work is a collaboration between Sveaskog and Triona and is done according to Sveaskogs implementation of SAFe as a leading framework. In this project, Triona acts as lead developer, architect, requirements analyst, developer, test leader and scrum master. Trionas expertise in GIS is a key competence in the map-based solution that is critical for the contractor’s work. 

The solution is a progressive web application with support for offline mode. The map is developed on open-source software and the server parts is Azure based. It will be integrated with Trionas Road Maintenance system (VFS) where information about contractors, road objects and road actions is stored today. 

During autumn 2023 a test version will be tried out with a number of contractors, and we are eager and happy to contribute to a more efficient road process with greater data quality, uniformed way of working and improved transparency!