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Cost calculation for road maintenance and operations

7 June 2023

In early 2023 Triona was awarded a contract for the maintenance and further development of the MOTIV system for the Norwegian Public Roads Administration (Statens Vegvesen). MOTIV is used for calculating costs for road maintenance and operations in Norway. 

Triona has been responsible for MOTIV since 2017 and modernized the system in 2019. MOTIV fetches data from the Norwegian NVDB, where data is organized in subsets, which are localized based on the new NVDB road reference system. 

A web-based system will help the customer produce reports for cost analysis and reporting related to road operations and maintenance, based on different areas and requirements. Additionally, MOTIV can produce reports based on future forecasted traffic data. 

MOTIV is a centralized system for operations and maintenance for the Norwegian road network and the new agreement means Triona will take responsibility for the development and maintenance of the system for 2 years with an option for an additional 1+1 year(s).