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C-Load – still going strong

5 April 2023

C-Load celebrated its 10-year anniversary in 2022 and a lot has happened during these ten years. Last year has been one of the more eventful since its launch. Apart from a continuous modernization of the platform, we have also adapted the service to a world where finding transports is sometimes a challenge and with huge fluctuations in fuel prices.

Between last Fall and January, we have deployed three major releases, 1.45 – 1.47, which contain continuous service improvements based on requirements from our users as well as our vision for C-Load to continue as a long-term and competitive solution for the entire transport booking process: procurement, order, transportation, and follow-up/invoicing.

These releases have contained major upgrades in order to address events in the world that have greatly affected our business area. C-Load’s strength has always been handling transports that are based on open competitive procurements and subsequent agreements made in the system.

Due to recent world events, it was sometimes a challenge to find transports at an agreed price and we therefore added functionality in C-Load to be able to procure a single transport outside of an agreement, a so-called Spot Tender. Spot Tenders allow for more flexible loading times and additional truck types but also to invite more suppliers. Since September C-Load offers the option of both working long term but at the same time added innovation enables C-Load to solve short-term needs.

Increased fuel prices have also led to huge challenges for C-Load’s suppliers. In order to deal with this, we changed from monthly to weekly updates for our fuel price index, which will in a better way reflect the fuel price changes. This has in turn led to fairer prices for clients and suppliers and an increased opportunity for suppliers to accept offered transports.

A larger update was released last January which included a completely new procurement list for suppliers. The procurement list is based on new, modern web technology which is now implemented in most of C-Load including the updated user GUI. Together with the modernization many improvements were made, including new help functionality which aims to minimize the risk for errors.

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