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TNE Version 3.12 released

23 November 2023

Triona has now released the latest version of Transport Network Engine (TNE), 3.12. In this version, TNE Editor has been further developed and improved with many features that will make editing network and property data more efficient. 

Some of the new features offered in TNE 3.12: 

  • Improved network editing: It is now easier to edit networks by creating/deleting nodes and connecting/disconnecting links. 
  • Search function: Users can now easily search for and navigate to objects, coordinates, or addresses directly from the TNE Editor. 
  • Fetch Z values: TNE now offers the possibility to fetch and insert Z values from the National Land Survey’s (Lantmäteriet’s) service ‘Elevation Direct’ which will improve handling of elevation values. 
  • Improved validation: In order to secure a high data quality, further validation features have been added. 
  • Project archive: Users can now easily archive projects which will facilitate project organization and handling over time.

In addition to the above mentioned features several other improvements have been added to make it easier to avoid mistakes and increase efficiency when working with the TNE editor. 

As we previously announced there is ongoing work at the Swedish Transport Administration (trafikverket) to swap out the technical platform for NVDB. Trafikverket has chosen TNE as a platform in the new technical solution for NVDB and the TNE editor as the updating tool. The new technical solution at Trafikverket is planned to be in place at the end of February 2024. 

Customer case: 

Sokigo is a Triona partner where our partnership focuses on municipalities in Sweden. Sokigo has recently published two customer cases where TNE Editor is a central part of the solution. For further reading please follow the link (in Swedish): 

Ett komplett gångvägnät säkerställer beslut på likvärdiga grunder i Uddevalla kommun: 

Ett komplett gångvägnät säkerställer beslut på likvärdiga grunder i Uddevalla kommun | Sokigo 

Effektiviserad ajourhållning via automatisk incheckning i Västerås stad: 

About TNE: 

Transport Network Engine (TNE) is a powerful and configurable platform which offers a solution for handling road and railway network data. TNE Editor, which is a part of the TNE platform, supports editing of network and related data in an efficient way and has become an important tool for municipalities and organizations that require tools to be able to handle and update this data. 

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