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Transport Network Engine

Transport Network Engine (TNE) is an open platform which can be configured in a flexible way to support a variety of applications and businesses which use or manage information about the transport network.

TNE supports an efficient management and maintenance of fixed assets during the entire lifecycle (Asset Management). The platform can, for instance, be used by infrastructure owners and contractors who work with road, rail, and maritime transport in their planning and monitoring of investment, maintenance, and operating activities. TNE also supports businesses which are associated with the transport sector, such as motor and insurance industries as well as organizations working within transport and logistics.

TNE facilitates an effective management and supply of master data about the transport network and its surrounding environment, which is an important prerequisite for creating and providing smart, effective, and sustainable transport systems.

TNE is configurable and manages network and network connectivity information for plant, permits, configuration, regulations, and usage in a smart and flexible way. For example, tunnels, lighting, guardrails, track gauge, waterway navigational aids, signs, signals, and culverts.

The flexibility and configurability in the TNE product allows work with, for example, master data to be streamlined. Data can be collected, customized, and used in several different contexts and applications, both internally within an organization as well as in collaboration between different organizations. TNE creates increased benefits and security as data integrity and quality is assured and furthermore is continuously updated as the existing data is modified.

TNE has tools and interfaces a to validate, store, analyze/customize, and publish data. In addition, TNE contains powerful functions for processing data as well as the generation of input data, such as high-performance route choice and distance calculations. There are also functions in the TNE platform which can be used for different sorts of quality controls.

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