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TRACS Flow version 2.14 released

8 March 2021

A new version of TRACS flow was launched as planned at the end of February. The next releases are planned for May and November 2021.

following important features:

  • Support for order import from files with properties specified in an import template. This makes it possible to import various file types with different content.
  • Option to send an order to several resources simultaneously by using broadcast groups.
  • Ability to send SMS messages from the desktop client.

In addition, the BEAst Supply NeC integration has been augmented so order receipt responses are updated with customer comments and get a new order status depending on the receipt response’s status.

At the end of 2020 version 2.13 was also released. The main feature in this version was the new “package” module which allows packages to be registered on an order, integrated with external systems as well as additional options when scanning shipping and package labels with the app. The new module gives a much-improved support when using TRACS Flow in distribution and logistics operations.

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