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Holmen trävaror implements C-Load at more sawmills

30 August 2021

Holmen Wood Products (Holmen Trävaror) have been using C-Load at their Linghem sawmill for several years. Now their sawmills in Braviken and Iggesund have also decided to use C-Load.

Holmen Wood Products produces sawn and processed wood products to carpentry, building and retail businesses. After acquiring Martinssons, Holmen can now offer customized solutions and building systems for renewable and climate-smart construction in wood. Their sawmills are located at Linghem, Braviken, Iggesund, Kroksjön, and Bygdsiljum.


Holmen has been a satisfied C-Load customer since 2016. Now C-Load is also introduced at their sawmills in Braviken and Iggesund. Their facilities in northern Sweden (formerly Martinssons) plan to implement C-Load at a later date.

By deploying C-Load, Holmen’s aim is to optimize the work regarding transports both for procurement as well as for ordering/call-off, monitoring and invoice control. At a later date Holmen will also include self-billing and settlement with transport companies. The C-Load implementation gives Holmen the possibility to have a common way of working within Holmen Wood Products. C-Load offers unique possibilities to combine price, quality, and sustainable measures when selecting and ranking of suppliers, based on a holistic rating both on the offered price but also on the supplier’s past performance regarding delivered quality and sustainability.

C-Load will be integrated with Holmen’s business system and SiPal which is used for parcel logistics. This will prepare Holmen for a larger degree of automation through the whole transport chain, from ordering to delivery and invoice control after delivery is complete.

An implementation project in in progress where Triona and Holmen are working together, and the system is planned to be in commercial service at the new sawmills in November.

Holmen is using transports by road, rail and sea and all of those are supported by C-Load. At their sawmills in Braviken and Iggesund the plan is to start using C-Load for international road transports.

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