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Emissions report for 2020

14 December 2021

Triona’s Emissions report for 2020 is now ready. As previously, we report according to the GHG (Greenhouse Gas) protocol within scopes 1, 2 and 3, and this year in scope 3 we have also included an analysis of various cloud solution suppliers providing IT services.

Reflecting the events in society, Triona has also seen a reduction in carbon footprint as an effect of the pandemic, as this has led to reduced business-related travel and commuting.

We still believe in face-to-face meetings and highly value the fact that we are able to meet our customers again, at the same time we have seen that virtual meetings can reduce our carbon footprint.

Some examples of how we are helping our customers reduce their emissions are the features “Smart Driving” (smart-körning) in FleetControl and the sustainability survey in C-Load. The work with our own climate report gives us valuable knowledge which will benefit the work we are doing with our products and solutions for our customers.