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Customers happy with Triona

15 March 2021

In our latest customer survey carried out during fall 2020 we again received very good reviews from our customers. Nearly all customers agreed with the statement “cooperation with Triona works well”.

The customer survey was carried out during October 2020. In answer to the question about which overall rating they would give Triona, 84% of customers gave a rating 4 or 5 (where 5 is best) and the collective customer index was 83 (max 100). According to Zondera this is a very good score and is well above average in comparison with other similar types of company.

Some strengths which our customers highlighted about us:

  • Our knowledge and commitment
  • Good, unpretentious climate of cooperation
  • It is easy to get in contact with us and get in touch with the right person.
  • That we continually improve our products
  • Our support

Of course, we also received feedback with suggestions for how we can improve and we will learn from this and take it with us in our quest for continuous improvement.

These surveys are an important tool for us, and we take the results and work with these issues in the whole organization, in our customer assignments, and product application management. The results show that we are on the right track, that we have done and are doing a good job, but we also receive constructive suggestions about how we can work to be even better, said Jens Werner, Sales Manager at Triona.

The survey was conducted by the independent research company Zondera.