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Region Västmanland (VL) selects FleetControl

23 September 2021

Triona has together with Hogia won Region Västmanland’s (VL’s) procurement “platform for traffic information”. Triona is responsible for the delivery of FleetControl, a product that fetches, publishes, and shares data from public transport vehicles. The system’s main components are a Multi-service IoT Edge Gateway and an Android based driver display, both using software from Triona.

“By using FleetControl, VL will acquire a modern vehicle-based solution that will ensure traffic management and real-time systems have access to positioning data and provide relevant traffic information to the driver in real time” - Mats Johansson, Triona.

The vehicles’ location is measured and updated every second which gives traffic management the possibility to quickly react to incidents thus minimizing disruption, however, also to forecast for upcoming schedules. The driver display will be updated with map data which will enable the driver to see the vehicle’s exact position, also compared to the current timetable, and view the planned route.

As a public transport agency, Region Västmanland is the first to deploy this vehicle-based solution. It will be a great support for our drivers to always have access to updated information about the route, taking disturbances and diversions into account. This will in turn serve our passengers with high quality and correct information”, Linda Ekdal, Hogia.

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