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Bergkvist Siljan in insjön deploy C-Load

12 April 2021

Bergkvist Siljan Group has been using C-Load since 2019 at their facilities in Mora and Blybergssågen in Älvdalen. Now their sawmill in Insjön has also become the latest facility to deploy and use C-Load.

Bergkvist Siljan are a forest industry group and their business ranges from being leaders in responsible forest management to refining timber into high quality wood products.

In the Summer of 2019, the two established Dalarna-based groups Siljan Group AB and Bergkvist-Insjön AB merged to become Bergkvist Siljan Group. At the same time work was initiated to deploy a common architecture for systems and processes. As a part of that process, it was decided that C-Load would be used at all of the Group’s sawmills. From the beginning of 2021 C-Load was used to book the first transports from the Insjön sawmill.

The sawmill companies in Bergkvist Siljan Group produce around 800,000 m3 sawn wood products per year which are distributed to customers in Sweden, Europe, Northern Africa, and Asia.

Bergkvist Siljan’s business support system is integrated with C-Load which enables a high degree of automation throughout the whole transport process – from orders based on new transport requirements to receipt and supplier invoice validation after completed transport. Bergkvist Siljan uses C-Load for both road and rail transportation.

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