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New assignment for Oslo municipality

5 August 2021

Before the Summer, Triona won as assignment regarding “Survey and planning of road and street maintenance” for Oslo municipality. As a part of the assignment, we will photograph Oslo municipality’s 1365 km of roads and streets including pedestrian and bicycle lanes. We will register all data in the Norwegian national road database (NVDB) as well as defining a plan for road maintenance in Oslo municipality.

The assignment is to be finished by 1st April 2022 and during the assignment Triona will be cooperating with the Veiteknisk Institutt in Norway.

Oslo municipality’s purpose with this assignment is to:

  • Gain an overview of the roads and related road objects, their location and condition.
  • Improve planning and prioritization for road and street maintenance.
  • Have a plan for how the maintenance backlog can be eliminated.

Triona will take 360 degree panorama photos and create 3D point cloud data from LIDAR data for Oslo’s road and street network. All 360˚ photos and LIDAR data will be measured using a high precision GPS.

With help of AI (Artificial Intelligence) Triona will automatically extract available data from panorama photos and LIDAR data. This data will later be combined with data already available for Oslo municipality in the NVDB.

Triona’s products SINUS photo and SINUS infra will be used for ensuring the data quality and complement existing data. SINUS photo and SINUS infra products will enable us to save infrastructure-related data in a cost efficient, streamlined, and secure way from photos, maps and out in the field.

Data will be registered in the NVDB, e.g. pedestrian zones, rails, fences, traffic signs, information signs, road markings, traffic calming devices, lights, road surface and width of the road. In addition, the actual condition of road signs, rails and surfaces will be registered.

Finally, a plan for road maintenance in Oslo municipality will be delivered. The plan will contain current road network condition, a description of the road maintenance backlog, current and future resource requirements, action plans for 2021-2031, a description of the future development of the city and challenges for the roads and streets in Oslo.

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