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Road Surfacing System to Statens Vegvesen

18 May 2021

Triona has been awarded a contract for the further development of a Road Surfacing System to the Norwegian Public Roads Administration (Statens Vegvesen). The contract is in two parts, Pavement Management System (PMS) and ROSITA.

PMS is a system for maintenance planning of Statens Vegvesen’s road network. The system is used for developing detailed plans for maintenance of road surfaces on defined sections. These plans will be developed for 6 years (next budget year plus 5 years). The plans are adjusted to the allocated budget for the respective years during the period, and by using state modelling, the result of a given planning of the road network can be estimated. The system can also be used for analysis of the current road condition (data is retrieved from ROSITA), to plan maintenance work, develop and distribute requests for proposals and analysis of quotes from subcontractors. Both Statens Vegvesen and the subcontractors are active users of the system in their road maintenance work.