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An attractive employer

29 January 2021

Our most important assets are our employees and our customer relationships – happy and satisfied employees contribute to increased customer satisfaction. To ensure that we are attractive as an employer we carry out regular employee surveys. We use an independent external company who use evidence-based methods and analyses to help us understand what our employees think about working for Triona and our working environment.

The result of the 2020 employee survey confirms that we continue to be an attractive employer, and we have improved on our earlier good results, with our core value words guiding us, a people-first approach, and a new way of working in these challenging times.

The following quotes are examples of feedback from employees who completed the employee satisfaction survey:

  • “Empathic employer who understands the importance of a work-life balance”.
  • “Triona promotes inclusivity and is driven by good values”.
  • “Flat and open-minded organization, committed and knowledgeable colleagues with the right values who always want to do better.
  • “Triona is a decent workplace both in terms of assignments and company culture.”
  • “Open, trustworthy company”
  • “Solid workplace with good core values”
  • “I feel that I am treated with respect.”
  • “Very happy. I get a huge amount of trust, projects, work, and a good salary. Managers and colleagues are very competent.”

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