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Triona delivers angling e-service to Luke

12 August 2021

During Spring 2021 Triona Oy was awarded a project from Luke – the Natural Resources Institute in Finland. The project will deliver a service, Oma kala (My Own Fish) whereby anglers can easily report caught fish, check their catch history, buy fishing licenses etc.

Researchers and government agencies will also use the information in the My Own Fish Service when planning sustainable fish stock and as a basis for their decisions.

The interest for the e-service is huge and it will be continually expanded over the next few years where a pilot version for use in the Finnish archipelago is the first version to be delivered.

The solution is based on modern methods and technology such as GIS and will be hosted as a cloud-based service in Azure. The service will be web based; however, the end users will mainly use the mobile app. Development will allow for the requirement for the service to also work in areas where no mobile network is available, a precondition for the service to work nationwide.

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