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MaserFrakt selects TRACS Flow

9 August 2021

MaserFrakt is one of the largest companies in transport and machine services in Sweden and has been based in Dalarna for many years. MaserFrakt has selected TRACS Flow from Triona as their future business support system for agreement and order management, planning, operational support, and monitoring, thereby continuing their long term cooperation with Triona. The plan is to launch the commercial service as early as this year, both for the back-office system and vehicle-based mobile devices.

MaserFrakt has used CockPit as their business system for several decades, maintained by Triona. CockPit will now be replaced by TRACS Flow. The combination of MaserFrakt being one of the leaders in its space, a common history of working together with Triona and the geographical closeness of the two companies make this agreement and the future even more exciting.

During the last 10 years, MaserFrakt has been an integral part of the TRACS Flow development. At this point MaserFrakt can see a very good match with their own business requirements.

“MaserFrakt are excited to finally become a member of the TRACS Flow family. CockPit has served our business very well for a long time but now we feel the time is right to take the step to the much more modern TRACS Flow platform. With the new platform we will be even better equipped to meet our customers’ and our own requirements for an effective transport system”, Thomas Eklund, IT Director, MaserFrakt.

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