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Triona acquires C7 from Fujitsu

12 November 2021

Triona acquires the business area C7, including the product itself. C7 is a project management tool used by organizations working with asphalt, construction, and energy related projects. The takeover takes place as of 1/1/2022.

Together with C7, Triona can offer the most innovative and complete IT solution on the Nordic market that supports the construction, operation and maintenance of transport and power grids and their connected assets.

In addition to the product C7, the acquisition includes a takeover of 27 co-workers. Operations are primarily based in Linköping and through the acquisition, Triona establishes an office there. Some C7 co-workers are located in Gothenburg, Helsinki, and Stockholm and they strengthen Triona’s existing offices in these locations. Proximity to customers is also strengthened with C7 employees in Gävle and Malmö.

"The C7 product complements Triona’s product portfolio well. Furthermore, the customers using C7 are the type of organizations that Triona works with. In addition, C7 co-workers bring great operational know-how and cutting-edge expertise in system development and management. This deal is industrially perfect. We also hope that the establishment in Linköping can facilitate recruitment from Linköping University to the Triona Group", says Mats Bayard, CEO Triona Group.

C7 is based in the Nordic region and shares several customers with Triona. The goal is to take C7 alongside with Triona to other parts of Europe. The C7 product supports the entire project process, from the creation of a tender and agreement to the finished implementation of a project. C7 has started the launch of a new cloud-based version that offers customers a modern future-proof solution.

“Super exciting! There are many similarities between our organizations and Triona has a lot that C7 will benefit from, both in terms of business knowledge and in system and product development. This also applies the other way around, of course, C7 is a fantastic business within which we have long experience and great knowledge. I am convinced that the combination of C7 and Triona will lead to development and new business opportunities for both parties. C7 gets a new strong home in a company with complementary offers that target the same industry. This is the next step in our quest - and vision - to simplify everyday work for co-workers in construction, energy and infrastructure companies", says Ted Lundström, Head of Fujitsu C7.

In parallel with this transaction, Triona signs a cooperation agreement with Fujitsu that gives Triona the opportunity to use a software development center owned by Fujitsu in Poland. Management and development of C7 is currently carried out by mixed teams, where the development is led from Sweden but partly carried out in Poland. This provides good flexibility, dynamically reducing or increasing the pace of development, and adding expertise.

"Through its strong marketposition in the Swedish market and with the first major businesses won in the other Nordic countries, C7 is ripe for expansion. A crucial prerequisite for such expansion is to operate in an organization with similar activities as C7, which Fujitsu lacks. I am confident that C7, together with Triona, which has the same business model and prioritizes the same customer segments, provide good future possibilities for both customers and co-workers. Fujitsu will continue to be one of C7's largest customers and looks forward to using the new SaaS solution. I would like to thank Ted and all colleagues at C7 for fantastic efforts within Fujitsu and wish you all the best.", says Håkan Dahlström, Managing Director at Fujitsu Sweden.

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