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C-Load – Added support for sustainable transportation

6 April 2021

The ongoing work to develop and improve C-Load has resulted in two new releases 1.39 (10 November 2020) and 1.40 (3 February 2021) where we focused on a continued modernization of the service and with a focus on sustainability.

The ongoing work to upgrade C-Load with new web technology includes additions to the procurement process, mainly the agreement list for clients and suppliers. Additionally, the procurement list for clients which was redesigned with new web technology in version 1.38 has also been upgraded with new features.

Sustainability continues to be of major importance to us both for clients and suppliers alike. In version 1.39 we provided clients the unique option to base their ranking on sustainable transportation.

The environmental impact can be reviewed both on cargo level, based on calculated distance, but also based on standard emission values (kg CO2 / km) per truck type. It can also be reviewed as aggregated data in the Transport Distances report. Environmental impact per route and aggregated per selected routes has been further added to the report. Distances are calculated by Triona’s distance calculation service product which will also ensure correct distance calculations for heavy trucks.

The promotion towards more sustainable transportation is guided by C-Load’s established model for ranking on quality points which has been in C-Load since its start in 2012. This has now been extended with a sustainability score which is based on a sustainability survey where suppliers can provide their answers in the service.  The survey is produced in cooperation with the Q3 organization and also includes questions on social responsibility, road safety, working environment etc. The survey result is translated to a sustainability survey score which is weighted with price, measured quality and business quality points and results in a total score which is used by C-Load to suggest the suppliers’ ranking for each route and cargo type. Each client can decide the weight to put on each parameter based on their respective business criteria. We at Triona are pleased to see this new possibility to promote more sustainable transportation being included already in spring 2021. This will play a large importance because more C-Load clients have already started using the sustainability survey in their supplier ranking.

We are continuing our work to modernize the service architecture and web interface for all actors in upcoming releases of C-Load.

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