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FleetControl chosen as Transdev’s IoT platform

7 January 2021

Transdev launched the Nordic’s largest electric bus fleet in Gothenburg on 13 December, on behalf of the bus operator Västtrafik. In the delivery to Västtrafik Transdev selected Triona’s vehicle neutral FleetControl system as the central IoT platform.

Triona’s on-board computer is installed on the vehicles and includes an IoT hub, an MQTT broker, and a communication gateway. An Android driver screen is the driver’s user interface towards the system. The solution also includes the FleetAnalyzer back office system which reads, analyzes, and shares the data with other systems.

FleetControl manages features that improve quality and reduce environmental impact, such as driver login, bus preparation, alcohol lock management, tachograph, and smart driver management. FleetControl contributes to ensuring Transdev’s high quality and service delivery.

The vehicle computer can read CAN data via an FMS interface e.g. fuel consumption and charge levels as well as other parameters such as acceleration and hard braking. Onboard sensors read data like temperature etc. which is delivered in real-time and made available in FleetAnalyzer. The system also controls other important onboard functions such as CCTV and APC.

For Triona it is important that we contribute to a sustainable development through efficient and reliable public transport. One of Triona’s sustainability goals is to develop our products so that as a result our customers’ sustainability work is streamlined. The development of FleetControl is a good example of how this works in practice and we are proud to say that we can contribute to Transdev’s and Västtrafik’s operations being run more sustainably in the future.