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New release of Transport Routing Engine

11 October 2021

A new release of Transport Routing Engine (TRE) is now available for our customers. The main enhancement is the improved handling of a route’s starting point and destination for walking and cycle routes.

TRE, like most routing engines, gives the user the option to provide a starting point and destination for the route, even if those are not located on the road network used for the route. The most used method is to assume that the nearest point on the road network is easily accessible. This method usually works well, however in certain situations e.g., in the archipelago this method might not always give correct results. The new release of TRE ensures that the route won’t have a starting point on a different island than the selected starting point.

Transport Routing Engine (TRE) is an advanced software platform for route optimization and route calculation. TRE allows several types of distance, journey time, and route calculations to be made and can be configured for pedestrians, bicycles, motor vehicles, trucks, and other heavy goods vehicles.